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Inspectors Issue 26,164 Warnings, Citations During Operation Safe Driver Week

Inspectors in the United States and Canada pulled over more than 35,000 commercial motor vehicles during this year’s Operation Safe Driver Week, issuing 26,164 warnings and citations to drivers for unsafe driving behaviors ranging from speeding to distracted driving.

Speeding, which was the focus of this year’s special enforcement effort from July 10-16, was the top violation in warnings given and citations issued for both property and passenger-carrying CMVs, according to a Nov. 30 release by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.

Officers issued 8,586 citations and 7,299 warnings for speeding, violating basic speed laws and driving too fast for conditions. That number included 2,577 warnings to commercial motor vehicle drivers and 4,722 to passenger vehicle drivers. Citations were given to 1,490 commercial motor vehicle drivers and 7,096 passenger vehicle drivers.


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