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Incentivizing Driver Excellence

How In-Cab Technology Is Enabling Merit-Based Driver Pay Programs

To remain competitive in a persistently challenging labor market, trucking companies and fleet operators are exploring performance-based pay models to help boost driver retention and recruiting.

These programs typically reward drivers with additional pay for achieving high marks on safety and fuel economy, but implementing these incentives in a fair and effective way is only possible through gathering the right information.

The latest in-cab technologies are providing the detailed, real-time data that managers need for these merit-based pay programs while giving drivers instant feedback and coaching to improve their performance and bonus takeaway.

“Things are really pushing toward modifying the pay model to be more encompassing of the realities that the driver ­faces,” said Darrin Demchuk, vice president of fleet solutions at technology vendor Platform Science.

Telematics systems and in-cab applications capture driving habit information that determines how well individual drivers are meeting company safety and efficiency goals in areas including preventable collisions, speed, fuel efficiency and dwell time.


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